If you’re buying a used car, mileage is probably an important factor in your decision, but how many kilometres is too high? We spoke to some of our top dealers to find out. 

We asked dealers 4 our of most popular questions about mileage:

1. Should you buy a car with over 100,000 km? 

2. Is it bad to buy a car with high mileage? 

3. Should I buy a sports car with high mileage? 

4. How can I decide if the mileage is too high? 

Our contributors were:

  • Jaco Conradie, Dealer Principal at BMW SMG Tygervalley.
  • Clinton Laude, Dealer Principal at Laude Classics.  
  • Angus Webber, Dealer Principal at Lemon Garage.
  • Ashruf Adam, Dealer Principal at Sure Drive.

Read the full story to find out what they had to say over on Autotrader.co.za.


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