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Rajen Bisnath from Audi Centre Umhlanga praised for his excellent customer service!

This week Chris Walter-Girout recognises Rajen Bisnath for all his hard work.

“Raj has been with us about 3 years – he is great with repeat business – he looks after his customers so well they all come back! He doesn’t just sell what’s on the stock sheet, he always finds them the right car Rajen is also always the first one to put up his hand to help me as a manager.”


Audi Centre Umhlanga
Volvo Cars Hillcrest

Volvo Cars Hillcrest are true community champions!

Vaughn Marescia nominates Volvo Cars Hillcrest for being truly at the heart of their community.

“Being a privately owned dealership has allowed me to run Meals on Wheel, which feeds hundred of poor and in need young and old people every month.  Our mission is to identify the social, health, family life, and welfare needs of the community and to coordinate, through affiliates, meaningful care and utilizing available resources.”

Shaun Van Veijeren praises his whole team at Somerset Car Sales.

“The whole team plays its part in making sure we always offer the right by our customers – we only sell proper cars, and make sure they are well looked after and prepared so that our staff have the confidence to sell them without worrying, and the customers know that they are getting a good car.”

Somerset Car Sales

Good people doing good things.

Janet Rothner from Park Ford recognised for her great customer service.

Hilmar Rencken praises Janet for her amazing customer service.

“She is so consistent, always gives amazing service. Her customers come back year after year because of how well she deals with them.” – Hilmar Rencken

Park Ford

Fantastic energy from Merle Bergman at Mekor Ford Claremont!

Jaques Van Der Merwe praises Merle for her energy and the love of her customers.

“Merle has only been with us 2 years but is our top performer. Her customers absolutely love her and come into the dealership just to see her, even when they are not looking to buy! 

She is a bundle of energy and when she laughs we all end up laughing with her. Nearly all her sales are from referrals – she once sold all 6 ladies in the same office a car because of how much they loved her.” – Jaques Van Der Merwe, Mekor Ford Claremont

Ridwaan Suluman

Ridwaan Suluman nominates Sollys Car Sales

“The dealership is known for its honesty with customers, we are always getting clients telling us how much more detail we give to them, and how honest we’re in describing the cars.” – Ridwaan Suluman, Sollys Car Sales. 


Fantastic work Schelton and Ursula from Cars4Africa.

“I have been working for Schelton and Ursula for 6 years. I started off as Junior Admin and worked my way up. They are the most amazing people to work for and with, I could never imagine working anywhere else. We won the Absa Golden Partner Award for 2019, we always have amazing stock and fantastic clients who always come back to shop again with us.”  – Kirsty Jeacocks, Cars4Africa

Motocars SA

Motocars SA make it all about the customers!

“Very high levels of customer service are very important to us.” – Ismael Khan, Motocars SA

Tom Campher

Tom Campher Volvo make customers part of the family

“Customer service is such a huge focus for the after sales team – the customer is king, without them we wouldn’t be here so it is our job to make them feel like they are part of the family and make sure they want to keep coming back to us time and time again.”– Jami Swart, Tom Campher Volvo. 

Strong signs of growth and new team members at Sure Drive!

“We are inline with targets, expanding the business and have taken on 10 new staff”– Ashruf Adam, Sure Drive Durban. 


New focus for online stock grows leads & sales for Mekor Motors.

“We have totally changed how we present all our stock on the website.  We have 20 pictures, all with the same background, taken from the same angles.  It was messy before –  some cars had 5 pictures in the parking lot, some 15, no consistency.  We have put a lot of time into changing all of our online presentation and this has really helped with leads and sales”– Steven Brand, Mekor Motors.

Suzuki Helderberg

Over 15 years in business and still going strong at Monte Carlo Auto

“We always stock lots of cars in a wide range and sell over 40 cars a month. Since we started in 2005 we have grown into a well known business with a good reputation for service and quality cars.”– Chris Turner, Monte Carlo Auto.

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