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Topics for: Rising Stars 

Contribute your opinions and get experience at writing professionally for South Africa’s #1 Trusted Market Place! 

What’s it like to work in the automotive industry?

Cars for students: Our 3 top pick by <dealer name>.

What’s the best car in my showroom right now?

Cars for new drivers: Our 3 top pick by <dealer name>.

What will the dealership of the future look like in 2030?

5 ridiculously pimped cars.

5 reasosns why <model> is the best car for long commutes.

The best city cars at my dealership right now.

3 things I love about working in the automotive industry.

Batteries included: Take a look inside the <make-model>.

5 reasons why <model> is the best car for new drivers.

Car reviews – direct from the showroom.

Topics for people who can help people grow.

Use your knowledge and wisdom to help our industry to develop.  Shape the future.  Grow your profile.

How to build a great business culture.

What running a business taught me about managing people.

How to create a brilliant customer experience.

What running a business taught me about marketing.

What technology will change the automotive industry & why?

My top 5 marketing tips for improving your vehicle listings.

5 things the automotive industry needs to improve.

What’s it like to work in the automotive industry?

My top 5 things to focus on when buying a vehilce.

Feature: Why I’m proud of our business.

How to buy a car in 2020.

My favourite concept cars of all time.

What should I look out for in the people behind the businesses I buy from.

My Most famous customer was <celeb> and this is my story.

The best car I ever had in stock was <vehicle> and this is why. 

3 reasons why young people should join the automotive industry.

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It’s #FeelGoodFriday today!  🙌

It’s #FeelGoodFriday today! 🙌

It’s #FeelGoodFriday today & we're excited to celebrate with you all the good that the people in our industry do! Have you or your dealership been featured? Make sure to let your customers know on social media using the hashtag...

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